How I look at people

Dr Wayne Dyer says “Persistently viewing others as dishonest, lazy, sinful, and ignorant can be a way of compensating for something you fear.” So what does it say when you persistently view others as wonderful? Personally, I don’t understand why I would want to view people any other way. When I look at someone in my life, I want to enjoy what is good about them. I want to revel in their beauty; the love in their hearts; the funny, witty, and interesting things they say; the sweet, cute or even quirky things they do. I want to enjoy their dimples, or the way their eyes light up when they are excited, or the way they tilt their head when they are listening to something they enjoy, or their funny smile, or any of the thousands of wonderful, interesting and endearing qualities I can find in those people I care for. Why would I want to look at them otherwise? It isn’t just a kindness to THEM (though perhaps it is also that) that I focus on their strengths, but it is also a kindness to me. If I were instead to focus on the things I may not like, I would miss out on so much that is wonderful!!!


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