Love is selfish (or is it?)

Love is a selfish emotion. This is not to say it is not also selfless, or that it will not and should not lead to selfless actions, because I do not believe the two to be exclusive. But it is selfish in that the feelings of loving are of most benefit to your own heart. Loving, holding fast to love, opening your heart to love, and only trying to learn to love more – are the biggest keys to growth and happiness of any.
But the selfishness of love should, can, and will only lead to actions that are selfless and altruistic. Because though the feelings are yours and yours alone, the translation of those feelings to action should only, always, be for the benefit of those you love. Because that’s how true love manifests itself, in caring more for the wellbeing of the object of your love than you do for yourself.
Once I understood this, I realized that this is perhaps why you can only truly love others when you first love yourself. For it is only when you are comfortable with you, that you can turn your attentions totally to what supports and benefits those who you love.


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