The meaning of life… (As if I know)

So I do claim to be one of those who ponders the meaning of life, and I will (at least) pretend to have it all figured out. Whether one believes in God, as I do, or not – we have but a finite time on this earth.  When we leave this place, we will each presumably leave behind others we care for.  And once that event occurs our opportunity to directly affect the lives of others will be past. So many may see success as achieving fame, or riches, or owning fine things, or being at the top of one’s field. But I see success – and therefor the meaning of our lives upon this planet as being all about how many lives we have touched for the better. It is measured then by how many burdens we have lifted, how many smiles we have caused, hearts we have warmed, tears we have soothed. And in doing so, we can only hope, like dominos, that our actions will cascade to touch the lives of others.


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