Look at me

For anyone who looks at their life and is discouraged. If you think that your difficulties are overwhelming. If you see nothing but a dead end road, and have no hope for the future, then I challenge you to look at your life differently. All of what you see as wrong may or may not be true. Chances are if you are like most people, when you look at those difficulties, they appear more insurmountable than they really are. But even if your assessment of the hardships, disadvantages, and perceived issues in your life is accurate – still the possibilities are limitless. You are only bound by your own beliefs. The world is so full of hope, beauty, and wonder. To allow yourself to miss out on those is a waste. I speak from experience. I always hated the term self-fulfilling prophesy, I thought that so demeaning to say that I could just change what is by believing it to be otherwise. I always hated the idea that I was “doing it to myself”. I could see each of the realities – that were fact – that I couldn’t just overcome. Some maybe that I never can, and never will. I could see every disadvantage, every fault, every weakness. But what I didn’t see – because I was too busy looking at what I couldn’t change – were all the possibilities. Looking at a mountain of problems is overwhelming. Perhaps you can never fix them all – but what if, with effort – you can fix one, and then perhaps another, and then another. What if, along with taking those steps, you focus on the things that bring you joy, that touch your heart, that give you pleasure. What if – by changing your focus, you can do what I did – and take yourself from living in a shell in a hole in a dark tunnel under black clouds – and actually be a happy person with more love and joy in your heart than you know that to do with. If I can… You can.


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