Feather Presents – Finding joy in little things

There are so many factors involved in the changes that have happened in my life recently, but I really think the most significant difference in the level of joy in my life has come about because of my active search for Feather Presents. Life holds a lot of hardships – for each of us. To balance those, and not live a life of sadness and gloom, we need to notice, enjoy, and embrace the good things in life. As I found when I was a child – there are not enough presents with bows. There are not enough monumental moments. But there are so many little things. This moment the sky is blue with feathery white clouds floating across. The soft white fur of my cat looks luminescent in the sunlight. The light dances on the pond like diamonds. Each can bring tears to my eyes. There have been blue skies my entire life – I have always loved them. There have been puffy white clouds I have enjoyed. But I let their wonders escape me – I didn’t hold them dear enough. I didn’t make them part of my very being. But now I do. Now I realize that I should hold dear each thing I enjoy. I should actively give love to all that I love. Take nothing for granted, enjoy each moment, each gift. Savor it to its fullest. Give it the joy that it deserves. Give it the joy that I deserve.  For it is that appreciation that balances life toward happy. It is in remembering to love what I love, the world, the people in it. It is holding dear to those that takes away the burdens, that makes them no longer overwhelming, that gives light to my life.


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