Differently Understanding

I have realized that all is not as I believed it to be. Given discussions on autism forums about Aspies being “differently abled”, as well as comments people make about me, I have realized that my problem isn’t so much lack of understanding of social queues, but more being “differently understanding”. I realized last night that there have been so many times people have made assumptions about me that just are not true, I would suppose based on their own way of looking at things. And also there have been so many times people have gotten annoyed or angry with me for things that I just cannot understand ever getting annoyed or angry about. So finally I realized that it is not so much that I have a greater lack of understanding than others – it is more that I understand differently. I may not see things the way others do – but I do believe it is truly because I am often just looking from a different angle.
I do think that I am often as a wide-eyed child, and in many ways naive. But I also think I possess certain wisdoms that perhaps some may never achieve. Everyone sees the world through unique eyes, but certainly some fall further from what can be considered typical. But that isn’t by definition bad. Certainly unique perspectives on the world give opportunities for different insights. So where I may miss out on some things that others see as obvious, perhaps they are similarly missing out on what seems obvious to me. Such is not to be unexpected for beings who make themselves as complex as we do.
So here I may draw on Papi Julio Varela’s wisdom from yesterday “The complexity of life is living proof of its simplicity”. Within this framework we call society, the rules are certainly complex – yet they are not. The ultimate “rule” is simple – love one another…


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