Look always through eyes of love

We should approach each person with love. We should see every shortcoming with eyes looking for understanding. We should discuss any disagreement looking for a solution, trying to find common ground. When we look to others to scold, to condemn, then we are being judgmental. We are diminishing the other person in our eyes, without attempting to see their perspective. Certainly that lessens us, not them. When we go into a situation intending to be right, instead of to resolve, certainly that lessens us. When we look to another with love, seeing their strengths, building on their assets; when we attempt to help, not hurt; when we look for improvements in a relationship, not power – then we build everybody up. We do not lose in the process of building up another – certainly both sides win. The smallest of nuances in our approach can make all the difference. Using positive thoughts, positive words – does not take considerably more effort, yet can make the difference between hurting another and helping. If someone does something you don’t like – instead of “I hate that you…”, perhaps “I’d like if you would…” might yield better results for everyone. At the least you will come to understand if the person’s actions were just unknowing, or truly uncaring. My bet is that many relationships would be strengthened, instead of lost, with that minor shift in perspective. But – think – admit it. How many times do we get annoyed at others over trivial things? Things that are not worth our energies thinking about, much less hurting someone over. Just that focus to loving each other, instead of being right… Makes things better for everyone. Look always through eyes of love.


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