How to get past feeling discouraged

No matter how much love is in your heart, no matter how much faith one tries to hold tight to, no matter how full of gratitude you are, there will always be those times when something – or everything – just gets the best of you, and you will feel down, and discouraged. First, it is important to allow yourself those feelings. We are all only human. Life is challenging, and can temporarily better the best of us. The goal is not to never be discouraged. The goal is not to stay there. Sometimes there is no easy answer to a situation, no solution in sight. When there is no progress to be found in something that challenges us, those are the times when we need to try to refocus our attentions to those things in our life that give us joy, that bring strength, good energy, and will just help us to ride through those challenges.  There is always good to focus on. Sometimes we just have to accept the distraction, and wait for that point when things resolve themselves.  Find happy where happy lies.


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