Growing up never ends

Growing up never ends. It starts the day you are born, and doesn’t end until the day you die. While as you age you may grow shorter in stature, one hopes that you continue to grow UP in knowledge, wisdom, compassion, love, empathy, and all those qualities that define a “good” human being. It is not always an easy process. There are times when it is far harder than others. There are times when it seems that forces from without doom all your attempts, or others when past mistakes catch up to haunt you.
There are times ( maybe few ) when the lessons fall into place, and others ( seemingly all too many ) which come hard and with a lot of pain. There are times when you have to question why you didn’t understand things sooner, or how you could have been so blind.
It is often hard to walk that fine line between being introspective and being too hard on yourself. Knowing when to cut yourself a bit of slack, or when to tighten the reins. But, as hard as it might be, beating yourself up about past mistakes is not what leads to future growth. LEARNING from those mistakes is. It is all you can do. Even when it seems that every time you conquer one mistake you find another, you have to continue on, and just find your way through them.
Maybe this is trivial and obvious, but I needed to remind myself today.


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