There were several posts on my feed today about perfection, and how striving for perfection is not realistic. It isn’t – but not for the reasons that these posts were saying. It isn’t realistic to try to be perfect. It isn’t realistic to try to make others be perfect. Because you already are. They already are. The universe already is. All is as it should be. When I look at another person in my life, I may see crags in their complexion, I may hear them make disparaging remarks, or see them make choices I wouldn’t make. But if I love them, I love them, crags, remarks, choices and all. They are who they are. If they choose to grow and improve – that is their choice, and I will love them the whole way. If they choose to love themselves the way they are, then I will keep right on loving with them. The universe is as it should be (except for broken glass, I have a thing about that. Ok, I guess broken glass is perfect too).


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