Love and judgment

A word that is tossed around in the posts of those who talk about love is “judgment”. One should love without judgment. What exactly does that mean? Judgment, by definition is “being able to make critical distinctions and achieve a balanced viewpoint”. Achieving a balanced viewpoint regarding another, however, is certainly not being judgmental.  The definition we look for here is “the estimate by God of the ultimate worthiness or unworthiness of the individual”. Obviously this definition is far different. Being judgmental, then is assuming the role of God, in determining the value of another based on criteria of your own making. Diminishing another based on your criteria – even if it assumes to be in line with God’s criteria, is when one is being judgmental. Loving one another, as God would have us, means to love the whole person, complete with the qualities God has given them, good – or even in our eyes – not so good. It means offering your love for who that person is, without judgment, without reservation, without caveat. How many can lay claim to that kind of love? How many will love unfailingly, unfalteringly, and without judgment? This is what all should aspire to.


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