Would that love could be contagious

There is sunshine in my heart, born of love, that I just wish could be contagious. I wish that I could share it with the whole world.  If I could just wish it for the world that would be my wish. If I could sneeze and let others breathe it in, I would. If I could open my skin and let it pour out, I would do that. But all I can do is let my love hope to be an example. Love forever and steadfastly, let nothing sway me. Hold love as dear to my heart as I possibly can. I can try to make love the center of my life, the center of my universe. Give nothing else a bigger share of my heart, my soul, my attention. And with that, I can hope that at least I might affect some change upon at least my little corner of the world. And this, I believe, is God’s purpose for me. Perhaps it is His purpose for each of us.


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