Being “jumpy-uppy-and-downy”

One of the goodest things about being autistic is having a heightened sense of observation. Not much misses me. When it comes to relationships, I may not always understand what to do with all that information, but when it comes to enjoyment, I certainly do. What I love about noticing everything is the knowledge (now) that I have been fortunate enough to live my life in wide-eyed wonder. While being like a 5 year old in a 60 year old body may not be good in every way, I would never wish to surrender my joy and enthusiasm at the simplest of things. I have always – and I guess at this point always will, seen the world through a child’s eyes. Things that many other adults yawn at still have me agape with wonder and fascination. If this is the gift autism gave me to offset all the challenges – I’ll take it!!!

David (hubby) teases sometimes – and we have a term for me, when wonderment gets the best of me – that I get “all jumpy-uppy-and-downy”. But I would never surrender that. Being “jumpy-uppy-and-downy” is the best thing to be. My nature is to love the world, and everything in it – down to the most minute detail. Sometimes people don’t understand my overwhelming enthusiasm, and that used to bother me. But no more. It is their loss if they cannot join me in looking at the world through pretty pink glasses and having joyous excitement in all the cool, great, wonderful, special, fantastic, sweet people and stuff that I just love with all of my wonderfully overly-large heart!!!


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