Happiness IS a decision

For so many years, I had read those memes about happiness being a decision. The ones who say your life is in your hands, that how you react to things is up to you, that nobody controls your life but you, that you can’t blame your past or your circumstances. And I thought “that’s alright for regular people”. But how about those of us with real pain, who have issues that are real and we can’t change – with any amount of effort or good attitude. What about us? So certainly the road of some is in fact easier, but just as certainly the road of another harder. But the fact is that what you do with the hand of cards you’ve been dealt IS still up to you. You may not be able to change the hand, but you can change how you play it. You can fold – and give up, and be defeated. Or you can make the most out of any glimmer of any possibility, hold tight to each shred of hope, of joy, of potential, of possibility, you can work that meager hand into something wonderful – if only in your own eyes. But isn’t that what matters? Your happiness is yours. Own it. Claim it. Make it real. Even if you must start by loving whatever little things you can find in your life to love, start there. Find everything in your life that is good and focus on those things, loving them, being happy and grateful for them. Work on growing that love until the joy in your heart just overtakes all the issues. The choice IS yours.


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