Stand tall in love

When your heart holds only love, and the things you do are from the heart, you have to stand tall in all of your expressions of love, regardless of the reactions of others. Spending energies wondering if the things you say or do will be accepted or approved of only takes energy away from the task at hand, love. Letting fear rob the joy from the wonder of a loving heart, rob the happiness from loving gestures, is never warranted. All you can do in life is live your life with love. When you do that to the best of your own ability, there is no wrong to be seen by the eyes of others. The recognition is certainly there that others don’t always see our intent, don’t always understand our motivations. Their eyes may not see your actions the way you see them. They may not feel your emotions as you hoped to express them. Regardless, you cannot live in fear of the acceptance of others. Being true to yourself means being true to your feelings, means expressing them as you believe you should, means being happy in your thoughts and actions – without hesitation born of concern for how they are interpreted. Love is a joyous thing. Expressing love with joy, acting out of that joy, expressing love purely and openly, is always the right thing to do. The world needs more of that.


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