Promoting each other

Our purpose on this planet is to make life better for all of us. Life is not a contest – it is a shared endeavor to maximize the “wonderfulness” of our time on this planet for as many people as our efforts can embrace. Certainly many people focus on their own version of success. But just as certainly, true success is not a solitary endeavor. One cannot be successful in seclusion. Success is measured only by how it is reflected by its environment. True success is found when your mere presence is a positive impact on those within your circle of influence. The task in achieving success then – is to increase the positivity of that impact, and increase the size of that circle. The more people we can “drag” with us into “wonderfulness”, the more emissaries there are in expanding the endeavor of making life better for everyone. When we find those people in our lives whose light is particularly bright, whose shine is appealing and acts as a beacon to draw others into that circle of happiness, then success would dictate that we put our own efforts into furthering theirs. There is no loss to ourselves by promoting others who are deserving. On the contrary, by promoting those who have promise we are becoming involved in a collective success and exposing that sphere of “wonderfulness” to a wider audience.


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