Love not returned

What do you do when you find someone in your life who you just love with a full heart, and your love is not returned? We read that we should not make room in our lives or our hearts for those who do not have room for us. And perhaps that is the answer – but perhaps it is not. We are human, we love with hope, and our hope is typically for our love to be shared. But if that is not the case, we still have choices. We can turn our attentions elsewhere, and extinguish the lamp of love for that individual. Or we can ask ourselves what the reasons were for that love to blossom initially. Did we love with joy and appreciation for the wonders of a special person? Or did we love with an expectation that the object of our love would do something for us that we believe would make that love worthwhile? If we have loved from joy and appreciation, then there is no reason that love should ever die. It is easier, certainly, to live with the realization that love given is not always love returned, than it is to defy the very reasons that have brought us a joyous love, and surrender that joy merely because of our wish that it might be compounded. As surely as a dollar is still worth keeping, even if it may not become two, love is better enjoyed for what it is, than surrendered for what it may not become. Hold dear those people who are dear to you, always. Relinquish perhaps your expectations. But always treasure the joy for that special place in your heart held close in the appreciation for each of those who kindle your spirit, and give magic to your soul.


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