Caring for each other

Caring is a broad term. It begins, I believe, in the simplest place – with a warm feeling in the heart towards others. That feeling of caring, concern, and compassion leads us to want good in the lives of those we care about. We feel joy at their joys, sadness at their sadnesses, we laugh with them, cry with them, love with them, rejoice with them. Whether that caring is done passively – from a distance – possibly even unknown to the caree, or whether we have the opportunity to be actively involved in supporting and loving those who we love, the caring is no less important, no less special, no less blessed. But to have that opportunity to support, love, and actively participate in the wellbeing and success of those we care for is a privilege and a blessing. To be able to offer and have accepted an act of caring and love is the greatest endeavor that we, as humans, can participate in while upon this planet. It is by these simple acts that we make the world a better place. One small act, followed by another, leading to another…


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