Love more…

A couple weeks ago I wrote that when all else fails, “love more”. Clearly love is the best healing force in relationships. But love is also the best healing force in your life, for your heart, for your soul, for your body. When I am alone, I am often fine being alone. It is during the alone times that I learn most, grow most, discover most. But then there are those times when loneliness creeps up. When I know that all the people in my life are busy with lives of their own. When I wish for someone to reach out to, but don’t want to bother anyone. My heart feels the beginnings of an emptiness – but then what better to fill it than love?
This is when I reach inside and remember all of what I love about all the people I love. This is when I do something loving, say something loving, write something loving. Even when I cannot touch a loved one, cannot talk to a loved one, I can always think about them, care about them, pray for them, love them in all the ways that take only me. Perhaps in ways they may never know or realize, but I do, I will. My heart becomes full again.
When my body is hurting, and I know medicine cannot help. When I wish to be coddled, cared for, but nobody is there. Then it is I who can do the caring. When I occupy my heart with thoughts of love, when I occupy my body by those actions born of love – I may perhaps not be healed in body, but certainly am in spirit. Love is that medicine that can heal when other medicines cannot.
We often have little control of those things outside of us. We can have little influence on people around us. But our hearts are ours. And love is always within our reach, when it is in our heart. So again, when all else fails, love more. It is the universal right answer for your spirit.


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