Love as a Source of strength

I should be asleep. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop coughing. The last time I remember feeling this sick was eight years ago, when a doctor told me I could expect not to survive. My lungs are badly scarred from recurring pneumonia, which I am succeptible to. I survived then. I plan to do so again. I may miss out on my plans for the weekend. I may miss out on more than that. Certainly sleeping in a chair in the living room and banishing my cat who normally lays on my chest would not be my choice. But I will carry on. And I will summon every ounce of strength to fight through this. But where that strength comes from gives me wonder, even now. That strength comes from knowing that there is so much in my life that is precious and good. There is so much, are so many people, that I love and find joy in, take comfort in, am grateful for, blessed for, even now. Perhaps especially now. 


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