Ramblings… Of love and wonder

What you see in people is a function of what you look for. I more and more believe that. Not only that, but I am pleased in that I believe it tells me good things about myself. I choose to look for what’s good in people, and in most people there is so much that is good to be found. There are strengths and qualities in people that can be seen as weaknesses and faults. People are multiple-faceted, complex beings. Certainly there is weakness in all of us – but why look for those things? I spent too many years focusing on those things in myself. So many traits can be seen as positive or negative – yet I realized, for myself, as I am certain is true for most others – that I am typically motivated by the good, and working to overcome the bad. So why focus on the bad, instead of appreciating the good? Life is about working together to enjoy, appreciate, and bring out the best in each other. That does not happen by making assumptions, casting judgement, or thinking poorly – that happens by seeing ourselves and each other with full, open hearts – looking to enjoy all the wonders that can be found in each of us.  If I may love people too much – that has been seen in me as a negative – yet it is one I now embrace, and will never surrender. And for those who understand that, and who want to love with me – I think the world holds wonderful things. 


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