The human mess

For so many years I didn’t like me. When I looked at other people I saw so many great qualities, and when I looked at myself I saw flaws. But then something clicked in my head and I realized that so many of those qualities I so admired in others were in me! And moreover, even the flaws I saw in myself – that I so hated me me, I so easily excused in others! And I realized that where I saw myself as a mess, I was really a pretty nice mess. Each of us has issues that we need to work on, things about ourselves that need to be changed. This is pretty much a universal truth. But the recognition of those flaws does not doom us – it frees us! In accepting them, caring about them, and knowing that we are constantly striving to improve them, then we should be able to release ourselves of their bounds on our psyche, and know that we are in command, not our weaknesses. 


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