Thinking of Family on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, I awoke thinking about my family. But family truly is not just my wonderful husband, or my special, beautiful daughter. Nor is it even only my sweet son-in-law, or my adorable grandsons. Truly, my family includes all of those people who have become irrevocably imbedded in my heart, all of those who light my day even just at being part of a fleeting thought. My family has expanded greatly as of late, and as I awoke this morn, I realized that there is no treasure more precious. Where some may turn to the television for news, or bring up MSNBC, to me the best news is of all the things that make each of you smile – for surely as you smile, I smile with you. I hope that you all are smiling today, and that you continue to have many reasons to smile. I can only hope that my love for you can be one of those reasons. Happy Mother’s Day, to all of my family…  


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