Responsibility to each other

Usually I try to talk only about positive things, about love, about joy. But, sadly, that is not all there is to life. Where I have been told that judgement is between us and God, that is only, perhaps, as it should be – but not as it is. People take it upon themselves to judge the behavior of others. And their responses to that judgement are not always kind. Where the smallest of kind actions can have far ranging impacts on someone’s life, unfortunately, realistically – so can negative actions. When one does something good for someone, they may feel pleased at the positive effect they may have had on a life. But then it is not possible to turn around and treat someone negatively – and then disavow all knowledge or responsibility for the consequences of those actions. We do not live in a vacuum. Where perhaps an individual ideally should not be negatively impacted by the uncaring actions of others, the reality is that we are. Each of us. No matter how thick a skin we claim to have. So each time we do something that impacts another, it is and should be part of our thinking, as to what the consequences of those actions might be. We can say we only hurt another unknowingly – but the question is whether, with thought – we should have known – or we do know, but deny or absolve ourselves of responsibility.  Every time we can help another, we should. Every time we can not hurt another, we should not. It is that simple.


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