Tipping the scale

The world is often not an easy place. Life is complicated, and taxing, tiring, frustrating. Sometimes, or perhaps more than sometimes, it can get the better of the best of us. Negative emotions happen – we get frustrated, annoyed, hurt, saddened, sometimes overwhelmed. It happens in every life. There are those moments, hours, days when life’s negatives just seem to dominate the positives. Sometimes, there are steps we can take to mitigate the negatives, but often there is no immediate solution. Often, it is work, or patience, or just time that may solve the issues that bind us, or may simply put them behind us with no resolution. When we are in those times, it is imperative that we give ourselves balance, by remembering to hold tight to those things in our lives that bring us joy.   Sometimes, it may even be the same things, or people, who cause the hurt, as those we love and find joy in. Never let the hurts destroy the joy. Of necessity, one must let go of the hurt, but love and joy should never be surrendered. Focusing our attention on what we love until we remember how much we love it helps to give balance to those stressors that would seek to bring us down. Love what you love. Love who you love. And when the scale tips to bring you down, redirect your thoughts to what tips it back.


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