Prayer as an act of love

I have said this before, but I really love praying for the people in my life. Prayer, to me, is a personal action, that draws me closer not only to God, but to those people who are included in those prayers. Even for those of my friends who are not religious, I offer the following thought. Praying for those people I care about gives me the opportunity to have a time specifically set aside to wish them well, when I take time – even if just a moment – that is directed purposefully only at desiring wellbeing and grace for each individual I care about.
I find that in praying for people, the act of prayer serves to draw me closer to God, as I reach out to Him to touch the lives of those people who have touched mine. And, further it helps to remind me of how each of those people has affected me, how much they matter to me, and how much I want only good things for them.
In among that group are people who mean everything to me, along with others who don’t like me anymore, some who never really did, and others who have been just plain mean to me, with some overlap among those groups. But remembering even in the ones who may have hurt me, the qualities that I enjoy and admire, and actively wishing them only well, helps to temper any ill feelings that I may ever have harbored. How can you be upset with, annoyed with, or harbor any ill towards someone you are actively wishing well? So not only does the act of prayer for all of those in my life hopefully bring good to them, but it unquestionably brings good to me.
Praying for people only serves to reinforce the love in my heart, serves to bring good feelings to my soul, and draws those who matter to me closer, no matter how far they may physically be. There is no activity I can think of that is more hopeful than prayer, and none especially than praying for people in your heart.


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