Shared joy like a megaphone

I was going to write this this morning, a little differently. But I have to admit it was colored in the telling considerably by Papi Julio Varela’s sharing of Paul Mascioli’s (Fernando Varela’s manager) post about Fernando in England (recording his new CD at Abbey Road).  Life is of the heart, and to me sharing it is the most precious part. I have always enjoyed most sharing the happiness of others, and enjoyed most my own happiness when it has the opportunity to be shared. The telling of good is as a megaphone, amplifying it and spreading its reach, to give joy to all of those open to receiving it. 

  For an example, as reminded in Papi’s post this morning, I have to say that I think this is what I enjoy most about those opportunities to see Fernando Varela in concert. Just as hearing his wonderful news lately, at his concerts what I enjoy even more than his incredible voice is sharing those moments with him, is having that very fortunate and blessed opportunity to share and rejoice in his love for what he does, which to me he exudes every moment he is on stage. You can hear it in his voice, too. This is why I cannot believe that the whole world does not love Fernando (yet). Even his voice resonates that joy and enthusiasm he brings to life, and it is so happily contagious. 

   But as much as that is true, this was not intended to be solely about Fernando. He is but a wonderful example of those opportunities life brings to enrich and enhance our own lives by loving the lives of others. I may not always be good at expressing it, but the joy I share at the good news, photographs and celebrations of friends, those I care for, and even just acquaintances on Facebook, often so enrich my own life, just by understanding, absorbing, and rejoicing in the happiness of those around me. 


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