Let love guide you

I love this quote by Rumi, “On this path let the heart be your guide, for the body is resistant and full of fear”. This is the conclusion I have been coming to lately. I have led too much of my life consumed by fear. As the child of a mother who spoke of hating me. As someone who grew up suffering from autism – and I say suffering purposefully, for I certainly did suffer. I grew up engulfed in the fears brought by those situations. I grew up a gentle loving person, who saw myself instead only as awkward and inept. Who succumbed every day to the pitfalls of fear. Who suppressed so much that was good in myself in fear of truths that were insignificant in their scope, and of other fears that were entirely unreal. But now as love becomes more and more dominant in my reality, those fears – while not yet gone – are becoming far less dominant. Love is what lights the way down the path. Love is the key that unlocks the door to happiness. Love is the water that erodes all the negatives. Not immediately, but as water does, slowly, determinedly, and with persistence. Love is the only force that no other can best, for love is of God, of the Universe, of the heart. It is what we are here for.


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