Love and patience in relationships

I have reaffirmed two thoughts about relationships lately. One is the truth in my recent favorite saying “when all else fails, love more”. Realizing this doesn’t always mean to be more attentive, or necessarily to constantly do things for someone, it sometimes means to take a moment to assess and understand what truly loving them actually entails. Sometimes – to me, the hardest part – love means doing nothing. It means sitting back, and being patient, and looking for those moments to show your love, those ways that it can be genuinely demonstrated. Sometimes those moments are far apart, yet others may happen in succession. Life is like that. 

But this goes to the second thing I have learned, patience and confidence are twins. It is easier to be patient when you have faith in what you believe in, when you have confidence in the outcomes of what you patiently await. But learning, and building confidence are not linear, nor do I think even like a stairstep, but more like a series of ladders and slides, where hopefully each ladder reaches higher, and each successive slide shorter and less steep. And in relationships, certainly confidence goes a step beyond yourself. It additionally takes faith in the other person. It takes a belief in their ability to see the truth in you, even knowing that people are not always steady, that our paths are not straight. Again, we must hold tight to love. When we are guided by the love in our hearts, and let love quell our fears, the outcomes will be the truest. 


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