Shine together and light the world

Shine within this world by sharing love and joy as freely as possible. With all of the complications and difficulties of life, with all the bitterness and hardness, and coldness – whatever love and joy we can share brings a precious light to the world that it – and we – sorely need. Everything we bring to the world with excitement, everything we bring to share radiates love. This is why I am such a proponent of sharing. When I am ‘jumpy-uppy-and-downy’ with excitement about something – and just cannot contain my desire to share it with someone – it is because I love them, and love seeing my joy spread to them. There is nothing happier than giving away joy. Joy and love are the things you can give freely and still keep. In fact they multiply in the giving. I know, I am the poster child for that. I went a lifetime with love and joy in my heart, that I did not have the confidence to share, but along with the joy there was sadness, at feeling that it had nowhere to go. A light contained illuminates nothing, but when exposed, it shines… When we shine alone, we light our own path, but when we shine together we light the world.


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