Love – to save the world

There have been so many reports in the news lately about hatred, people hurting people, people ruining lives. We need more reports about loving. So in order for that to be so, we need to DO more loving. There ARE good people, missionaries, charities, those who give their money, time, hearts, and lives to helping each other. That is a wonderful thing, but is only a drop in the proverbial bucket. Changing the world cannot happen only by a few helping a few, it has to happen by many loving many. It has to happen by everyone working together to love, understand and truly care for each and every individual, no matter race, color, religion, disability, nationality, whatever. We are all in this world together. We succeed as a collective, or we fail. One act of hatred is one too many; one act of violence; one suicide as escape from bullies; one child dying of starvation while others feast. We cannot change this by feeding a child. We cannot change this by holding out one hand of friendship to a neighbor. We must change our entire paradigm, we must teach and learn to consider all as one and one as all. What I’m suggesting is not intended to represent a political structure, religion movement, or government. What I’m suggesting is simply that we teach, and learn, to value and care for each other – above all else. That we make that the core of what we teach our children, what we tell each other, the message we communicate to the world. Hatred will destroy the world if we let it, love will save it. But WE have to actively do that loving.


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