What makes a friend…

Yesterday I wrote about what friendship is. Today I write what makes a friend. There are a number of people in my life I think of as very special friends, but from the surface it would never appear that we were a likely match for friendship. Plainly put, they run in different circles than I do. They enjoy a different lifestyle than I could ever see myself fitting into. They have likes I dislike (not for them, but for me), they play differently, relax differently, probably dream differently. But our hearts are alike. What I see in them is a heart I love melding with, a heart that shares the same love for the world, the same softness, the same openness, warms to the same joys. That’s the root of a friendship that matters. It isn’t if one friend enjoys a room of people, and the other prefers to curl up in a chair alone. It isn’t if one reaches for the stars, and the other a security blanket. It is two hearts touched that react with the same awe; two sets of eyes both capturing a tear; two souls with the same spirit… that’s what makes a friend.


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