In the path lie the riches

I was watching a TED talk yesterday on classical music, and the speaker made a point that caught my ear, but for more than just his topic. He was talking about composers, and musical composition, and talked about resolving a musical progression, bringing a sequence of notes to the ending point that is pleasing to the ear. He talked about how the composer cannot resolve the progression too quickly, for then the work would be done, and it would be flat and lifeless. To give interest to a piece, the listener has to believe the progression will be resolved, only to have it continue…  Thus also is life. Thus are the ways of God. If goal were attained as soon as set, if wishes were granted as asked, if prayers were answered as soon as spoken, there would be no life, there would be no learning, no progressions. Moreover, there would be no colors or patterns to life. It would be cold, sterile, boring – no matter how rich the goal or prayer. God knows that it is in striving for something, in putting effort toward the goal, in the act of prayer, in the anticipation – this is what brings life to the result. This is what builds the joy, the excitement, the faith, this is what makes life rich and complete, and full of texture – in those are the colors of life. Be not so anxious for the goal, that you fail to enjoy all of what brings you to that goal. Understand that in seeking and in striving you gain much.


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