Having faith, in a world with doubt…

I have pondered extensively as to what having faith means. For those of us who are Christians, we are told that worry means we don’t believe that God will “get it right”. Those who are not say that the universe has no wrong outcomes or right outcomes, just outcomes, and that everything is what you make of it. Well, certainly there are lessons to be learned in everything, and clearly a hard path can lead to a wonderful place. But just as clearly, most of us would rather walk down a garden path surrounded by beauty, then to tread barefoot on a bed of nails. Life is unquestionably hard sometimes. Some things will not end the way we wish – despite our best efforts, or all the open-hearted prayers we may give. I think the key is understanding that we tend to be much more focused than is the universe, or than is God. One failed effort, lost opportunity, unfortunate event, hurt, struggle at a time is what we see. God’s view is broader. The universe is much bigger. We are constantly moving, and each year, month, week, day, event is just a blip in that motion. The key is believing you are pointed correctly, is having faith in your ideals, in the love in your heart, in your God, your universe, in your own spirit. I think finding that focus IS finding faith, despite the doubts and fears that may creep in. The task we must set for ourselves, then, is not never to doubt, not to feel no fear. Despite the memes telling us we must not have worry, doubt or fear – we are human – doubt happens. But the goal is to know that we are bigger than those fears and doubts, and to walk boldly past them, knowing that as long as we keep moving forward, we are doing what we should.


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