Focus on the positives

There are so many memes that focus on “I don’t have time for…”, “I don’t want to deal with…”, “You should eliminate…”, “Don’t…”, “You shouldn’t…”. I try to share the ones that talk about what you SHOULD, what you want to, what you look for. I would rather focus on the positives. Life throws us enough negatives, and most of us work hard enough on casting them aside without putting additional focus on them. Certainly, even with the progress I have made recently, I still have those moments of feeling defeated. Certainly, being who I am – autistic or otherwise – worry is a part of my being that I will never fully conquer. But mostly, lately, I try to look to the positives, I try to actively look for and cultivate the good in my life, the good in me. I believe that by doing that, eventually the negatives will fall off – all by themselves… without me having to even bother with them. Meanwhile, every moment I focus on the good things – is a moment in my life that is good…


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