Ten letters to happiness

Six letters that provide the building blocks for happiness are G-O-D (or wherever you find your spiritualism), and A-W-E. And I think my life is a lesson in that. For those who don’t know my story, I am autistic – born to brilliant parents who were disappointed in not having a perfect child.

For all of my life, as far back as I can remember, God has been an integral part of my thoughts. However, for so many years, I couldn’t believe that who I was could be someone He could be happy with. Finally, I realized that it was only me who was not happy with me, and it had never been that God wasn’t. In fact, I have no doubt that through my childhood, God was there watching over me, protecting me, guiding me, teaching me. I just didn’t understand that. Now that I do, my relationship with God is grounding, a source of strength and confidence. Certainly I am not perfect. But just as certainly I look to Him in consideration of everything I do.

As an autistic, I struggle with feeling overwhelmed – as though my senses are inundated with stimuli that I am not capable of filtering. But I have realized that being autistic is something like being in Texas. Everything is bigger there. 🙂 To me, everything IS big, and most everything is awesome.

Though I don’t always know how to bridle it, a sense of awe is clearly a key to happiness. While my relationship with God is what grounds me, the awe in His gifts is what lets me soar. Finding those sources of awe – in every day, in every person I love, in every adventure, even in the seemingly mundane – is what gives life color. Life’s greatest gifts are “feather presents” – those bits of awesome that cannot be wrapped in bows or held in your hand.

I have come to believe that every thought that does not consider what is pleasing to God, or look to appreciate His gifts is a thought I do not need. And those four letters that best reflect what is pleasing to God and what should convey a sense of awe are L-O-V-E. God’s love is the source of all that is good, and it falls to us to share His love, with Him and with each other. And certainly there is no better “feather present” than love. The present of His love is the best feather God offers us, iridescent and beautiful, offering a rainbow of color and awe…


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