Hope and faith

Hope is defined either as “a feeling of expectation for a certain thing to happen” and “wanting something to happen”. There is a significant difference between those two definitions. “Wanting” something to happen, and “expecting” it to happen are very different. There are so many memes which focus on hope. But certainly we aren’t looking to base our lives around “wants” – we are looking to find certainty in our expectations. What our “hope” is, what will bolster us in our quest, is having strength in our belief in positive outcomes. But “hope” is a word that has holes in it. “Hope” allows for the possibility that what we “hope” for will not be. What drives us better, in fact, is faith. Faith is belief. Faith is certainty. We must build our foundations then, not so much on hope, but on faith. Life may not bring exactly what we want – may not provide exactly what we “hope” for, but what serves us better is having “faith” in ourselves, faith in our own ability to not only deal with whatever life brings, but to thrive within it. Hope may foresee an outcome. Faith defines our path, faith gives us the ability to move forward regardless of the “things” that hope may not provide.


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