A tribute to those who help me to be a better person…

People say I love too much, that I put people on a pedestal. But my reasons for that, I have never understood to be bad thing. How could it be a bad thing to love someone so much that you see them as inspiration to want to be the best you that you possibly can be?
To be inspired by someone; motivated by them; to see and wish to emulate the good in them, aspire only to be more like them. To me, that is such an incredible tribute, and is perhaps the ultimate form of love – to look up to someone such that you see them as a model for what you wish to be, This is what good parents would hope to be, this is what God is for us. To find that in any person is such a gift and a blessing.
For someone who helps you understand and strive to achieve that which is important to you, one could only have a heart full of gratitude and appreciation. Those people who are that to me, are those who will be in my heart always, who – no matter what their feelings for me – are so important to me that in my heart, no pedestal seems high enough. The inspiration and example they provide will make me feel blessed and grateful forever.


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