Love, built upon trust

Love is built upon trust. A closed heart is a heart lacking in trust, whereas an open heart is a trusting heart. While closed hearts live in fear of those who love them, open and loving hearts are a magnet for other loving hearts. Open hearts are built upon trust – beginning with trust in their own soul.

A trusting heart is an understanding heart. A trusting heart does not expect perfection, does not run at the smallest fears, but looks to the soul of the person to see their core, to understand their motivations, their beliefs, their incentives.

A soul loves a soul. The heart of a loving person looks for that portion of the soul in another which is closest to God, closest to His perfection. Noone is fully perfect, but those who live in love are those who seek that perfection, who value and cherish it.

Those who live in love can afford to be forgiving, can afford to be loving, can afford to be trusting, because their foundations are built more deeply. Their hearts are not so easily shaken. Their souls are rooted in the goodness of love. Love is the ultimate root of good, God is the root of love. Those who look through the eyes of love, see what is good and what is beautiful.

A soul with a foundation in love is a soul that will grow ever more peaceful. As love takes root in the soul, more and more the soul understands its place. The concerns of the soul come to the forefront, the concerns of the world are minimized. Fears wane, trust grows. As love takes root, calmness is a certain consequence. The heart that once lived in fear, now looks only to share joy and love with other loving hearts.


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