Translating a gift into a goal

I recently requested and received much appreciated advice / mentorship from someone I think very highly of. I was going through a time when I doubted my abilities as a writer, and my capability to reach the goals I dream of and hope for. I asked how to find motivation to keep going through those times. And although the circumstances of their career – and my potential and hoped for path are vastly different, I did in fact so gratefully receive the answer I needed.

Clearly, life holds no certainties, and while I might look – even to God – for that sign that I will get to that perhaps mythical place I see at the end of my path, I understand that I will not find that sign. What I must find is faith in my own quest, faith not even so much in my (current) abilities, but in my reasons for the quest, and what I strive to accomplish along the way. And I do have that faith. I believe that this path is mine, and is the one I am destined to walk.

My need for motivation was (at least in this request) as a writer. But the same needs apply to each of us in life. We cannot see where life will take us, or if an individual goal or dream we aspire to will come to pass. We cannot hold tight to the end of a quest – but what we must hold tight to is the quest itself, and the means that we take to achieve that end.

We have to believe in our dreams – not that they will come to pass, but that they are the right dreams. We have to believe in our path toward those dreams – again, not so much that we can accomplish the top of the ladder that the dream represents – but understanding that each rung of the ladder is an accomplishment, is a blessing, and find appreciation in our own efforts, and in those small successes we find along the way.

I think I was taught more than I asked for in my request. But isn’t that how things often are? Much gratitude – and now hope and anticipation in my ability to translate that gift into my own dream of being able to help others.


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