Love is a many splendored thing

Love is a many splendored thing. Yes, I know that’s an old song, but it’s even an older truth. Love adds so much that is positive to the world. Most human acts are pretty single-dimensional. Love is so multi-dimensional that all the words that through the years attempt to describe it still fall short. The universe would not exist without love. As much as oxygen, water, and food, it is the binding by which we each exist. 
So why then do we not, in each and every single thing that we do, consider love above all else? Why is love not part of our name for each person and object we encounter. Why, to many, is love not a thought – not even an afterthought, not a consideration? Why do many people consider “love” as only synonymous with lust, and greed, when in fact love is the opposite of those.

So many negatives have been hung off of love that its purity has been diluted. Those things are not love. Love is not needy, or selfish, or lustful, or dirty – people can be, but love, real love, is the purest emotion, like water from the clearest spring. It cleanses the soul, lifts it, purifies it. Nothing impure can exist in the company of love that is true. Nothing bad can taint it. Love that pure is carried on wings of angels, from the heavens directly to our hearts. 

This is the love that we should aspire to find. This is the love that we each should wrap our souls around. This is the love that songs should be written of, sonnets based on, great novels embracing. And mostly, that each of our lives be dedicated to sharing, and learning, and teaching.


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