The one thing in this world I value most, beyond love, or maybe intertwined with love – is trust. To have the trust of people you care about is the most precious thing. To not have that makes my heart ache. I often feel that I try with all my knowledge, with every fiber of my being, to build every action I take towards those I care about in seeking of that trust. Yet, sometimes I cannot seem to find it – despite seeking it earnestly. Trust is a hard thing to find, perhaps because trust is a hard thing to give. Each of us has fear. And whether, in a circumstance mine feeds yours, or perhaps yours feeds mine, we both must overcome that fear to find a bond of trust. Consistently finding and maintaining that bond is a challenge I am willing to face head on. Trust is the basis of every relationship with mutual benefit. Whether it is something in me that still beckons for change, or is just a matter of learning to build trust in an untrusting world, how to accomplish that is one of the questions that to me most wants to be answered.


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