Learning and growing

When you spend time and extensive effort working on improving some aspect of yourself, it is only natural to have hope that you will see differences in your environment, in how people respond to you, in your circumstances. So, if you do not see those responses, it is also only natural to feel disappointment, and to wonder if all of the effort you put into improving yourself was for naught.

But no matter appearances, any effort put to refining you is always effort worthwhile. Refinement of oneself is not an exercise with an end, but rather an ongoing process. The goal in this effort cannot be the response of others, or the response of the world. The goal must be for yourself, to further realize your own potential, to prepare yourself for even more change, for more growth, to poise yourself for the future. One never knows at what point in our existence that we may have become that person that will allow us to reach our highest potential. All we can do, then, is to keep reaching upward, to keep working towards our own ideals.


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