Stairway of faith

In every time of growth, there are times when we feel defeated. There are times when we just wonder what we really have gained, when we still see our ultimate dreams as out of reach, still believe those old thoughts that we are not worthy, or not capable. There are those times when we wish for the faith of others in us, when we feel that our faith in ourselves cannot continue to be sufficient to carry us.

There are those times that we feel at the top of the stair – realizing how far we have climbed, yet seeing a gap above us between us and our goals that we have no idea how to bridge. When the next steps we can imagine just seem to lead us nowhere, and the path to our goals seems to be unimaginable. What do we do at those times?

Sometimes we just must step out on faith. Even when there seems no solid ground below us, even if there seems to be no route that we can see to where we want to go – sometimes, placing a foot on that cloud, and reaching deep for faith that we can climb higher is the only choice we have. Continuing on, however slowly, with whatever reservations – yet with the determined resolve to continue – is what we need to do.

There will always be those times in any period of change, in any growth, when we have doubts and confusion, when our strength seems taxed, and our confidence grows thin. But giving up is not an option. Turning back leads nowhere. There is nothing to do but to continue forward, looking toward that time when the ground in front of us is firm again, when our confidence grows stronger, when our resolve returns in force, when we can again see our way forward.


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