The Feather Presents Inside us…

Life is about change and growth. Yet sometimes it seems that we get so absorbed in changing and growing that we forget who we are at this moment. We do not always need to be better. The person we might want to be tomorrow does not invalidate the person we are today. There will always be areas in ourselves we want to improve upon, things we want to change, lessons we want to learn, knowledge we want to gain. There will always be opportunities for growth. Yet, just as we love and appreciate those around us, we must not forget to love and appreciate ourselves as well. Perfection is not the goal – living life is the goal. Life is today, life is now, life is to be found in love and joy and peace and happiness – with this moment, with all of our world, with those around us who we love, with our homes, our families, our friends, our pets, with our environment, with ourselves. When we look for those feather presents of life, we must not forget to look inside.


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