The gifts in a moment

The moment at hand may be a moment when dreams seem far away, when wishes seem unlikely, goals unattainable. But it is still a moment spent, as the next occurs. Each and every moment is a treasure. Each moment has that opportunity to be unforgettable. Any moment could change a life. Any could alter the course of events. Sometimes not singly – by itself, but as one of a series of moments yet to come. Do not write off this moment as insignificant. Do not assume that nothing can be accomplished in it. But look at each moment as an opportunity to build toward the next. Make certain that in every moment, your spirit is present, appreciating this particular moment for what it offers. Yet assure that your heart is poised for those opportunities yet to come, for what moments awaited may bring. Changes are unpredictable. Miracles can happen in a heartbeat. Yet we never know what the future may hold. All we know is now. All we have the ability to control is how our hearts, minds and spirits deal with THIS moment. With the one we are given now – to love, to cherish, to find joy within. Live each moment with gratitude. For certainly each is made up of a myriad of gifts – all of what our mere existence gives us – our spirit, our memories, our friends and families, ourselves.


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