My dream world…

I have read all the thoughts that wish for silly things – like cake not being fattening, or being handed 6 million dollars. While those things would be nice, they only made me consider what it is that I would wish for. And what I wish for is a world where things that are real matter more than things that aren’t. A world where those things that divide us can be put aside in favor of those things that should draw us near. A world where a good heart is revered, where love is loved. A world that sees the things that matter, and ignores that which is only confetti. In my perfect world laughter is never in scorn, but only in friendship. A true heart matters more than awkward behavior. In that world all would mean what they say, but not say that which is mean. Joy would be lasting and shared, and hurt would fade away in the company of those who care. Gratitude would be quick and common, and criticism spare – given only with love. I wish for this world, dream of it – search for it, seek it – and then I realize that the world I dream of is in me. This is my dream because it is what I value, what I strive to be – and maybe that is better than 6 million dollars…


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