Love rises above everything

So – on the Internet, I love so many of the posters that share upbeat things about how to approach life positively and how to share love, and make love a priority in your life. But there were/are a few I couldn’t find just what I wished for – so recently I have started making my own. I made one this morning that says “Love rises above everything” and I realized in that just how true it is. For so much of my life I had been so hurting. I had struggled with believing there was a place for me in the world. I had struggled with believing that the world wanted me, or specifically that there was anything I had to offer the world, that it didn’t already have enough of. I wasn’t good enough at anything, in my eyes…

But what helped bring me out of that hurt is love. Being loved is wonderful – and I certainly cannot claim to have had enough of that in my lifetime. But what brought me out of my “shell in a hole in a tunnel under dark clouds” was finding those people who made the love in my heart “rise above everything”. Those incredible people I will love for the rest of my days, who just made loving them more important than any hurt I was feeling. Love really did rise above everything. Love is what rescued me, and love is what I now realize I have (in abundance) to give the world in return…


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