Missing you, missing that piece of me…

The term the French use when they miss people literally translates to English as “You are missing from me”. I often miss people. It’s not just about being lonely, but missing those things I cherish in people. I miss smiles. I miss laughter. I miss seeing faces that light up my heart with joy. I miss the warmth, I miss the sharing of love, feeling that energy of someone I love – being able to sense it, breathe it, capture it – make it part of me. I miss the unique part of me that exists only in the presence of them.
I have told people a few days after last seeing them that I have missed them – and they look at me like I’m strange, often respond saying “but I just saw you”. But to me, missing them is a tribute to all of what is wonderful in them. I miss their uniqueness, their essence. It says I value them, and enjoy who they are and what they bring to me so much that when they aren’t there, something is missing from me. To me – being missed is an honor. It means that you are treasured…


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