Love must be the root of changing the world

I woke up entirely too early this morning after a late night last night and a very emotional day. Human emotions certainly can run the gamut from being so positive and joyful to sad to unfortunately for some full of negativity and hurtfulness. I can only believe that the only answer for this world is for those of us with hearts full of love to show love in everything we do. Looking back at history, we can see so many examples of how massive change is possible – but it is only possible with real people at the root of it. Governments are not going to legislate the kind of changes this world needs. World powers are not going to negotiate it. We – the people of the world – need to find it, build it, one piece at a time, within our hearts, within our communities. Loving one another is the only answer that will save this world. Loving, caring, trying to build understanding. Not by a me-vs-them attitude. Not by an I’m better than you attitude. But by a “we’re all in this thing together, and only by working together can we make it great” attitude. All of what this world needs has to be rooted in caring. It has to be rooted in a spirit of wanting something better for all of those around us, not just for ourselves.


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